Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taiwan Festival snack:

Location: Toronto Harbour Front Center
Date: Aug 31


oyster pancake: (pretty okay). Finally I can analyze the ingredients of this interesting Taiwan dishes by watching the guy cooking. (Oyster, egg, powder (not sure what kind of powder give that funny texture), A veg)

deep fried chicken thighs: (very good). Taste good. Use powder of the corn chciken. Whole piece of thigh make me feel fulfilling

plain noodles: (okay). noodles texture is good (bouncy). Taste very light, good for old people.

Bamboo rice (pretty good). Just notice this is a Vietnamese dish.

Takoyaki: (not bad)I Like the colour powder and the Mayo on the top.

MSG level: medium

Remarks: Taiwanese Shi Lan Market has been famous for late night snack on the street. As an Taiwan Outsider, I heard there is not much to do in Taipei, except going to the market to eat crazy for few days. (It does need few days to taste most of the food there)

In the Toronto Taiwanese festival, I did have a chance to taste few dishes in a relatively low prices. There are few more dishes that are most popular (like corn chicken, susage, funny smelly Tofu etc) but I didn't buy it since I had them many time in bubble tea store and also my limited capacity of my stomach.

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