Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine

Location: corner of Bayview and Blackmoor in Richmond Hill


suckling pig: (good) .. one of the 2nd best (crispy with correct fat distribution). Too small serve though. Heard they only give limited serve even with early reservation

Barbecue pork: (good) .. One of the best (juicy but not too fat)

crispy pigeon: (very good).. One of the best. crispy but juicy .. but my parents said last was even better. Today the meat taste little overdone.

sweet and sour pork: (not bad)
bitter melon with duck egg yolk: pretty good.. I tried somewhere else is more tasty.. but this one taste like less MSG

vegeterian dish: good ~ not bad .. They have some rare kind of vegeterian stuff like "yellow ear", lot of "bamboo sung" (don't how to say it in english)

MSG level: medium
remarks: It is one of our family (my grandma) 's favourite restaurant behind our house. It is pretty good. Lots of people as usual. Highlight for this event is the pigeon and the suckling pig.

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