Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Platform II - baked seafood rice, baked pork chop rice

location: 7354 Woodbine Avenue Markham, ON L3R 1A5

Weekdays: squid balls, also the deep friend tofu (only $3.99)

weekdays and weekend ( baked seafood rice white sauce and baked pork chop rice red sauce)

Remarks: There are many good starchy dishes in Platform. But the baked rice are the most outstanding among all. I have been trying to sample the same dishes on several other places, only P2 can offer the same taste of the best I had during my childhood in Hong Kong.

You can smell the crispy cheese baked. The sauce are so rich that would make you fell over. Rice can be fried rice bed with good meat on top. Best in GTA. Anyone wanna challenge?

I would also recommend to try to baked rice with Portgueese sauce.... I haven't tried myself.
>> Remarks 20090905 . have this portgueese chicken with >>ranson.. taste good, but I think the seafood and the pork >>chop is better.

Deep fried tofu is also one of the masterpiece. Thanks for Chef Mr Gun. I can taste the Zen out of the food. The dryness, hotness, cripsiness, and the slight salty taste will give you a unforgettable experience.

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