Wednesday, September 9, 2009

20090909 Tue 江南小廚 JiangNan little kitchen

江南小廚, 360 Hwy 7 E, 905-709-6488

- shrimp and pork dumpling (*****)
- minced chicken with veggie and tofu skin? (sister like it)
- fried beans ( this is *****, fried with wine and salt)
- dry-cured chicken 風雞/臘雞 (Prosciutto chicken, ****)
- Dongpo Meat 東坡肉

Remarks: brother and sisters. Jiangnan Restaurant.
Our favorite family restaurant nearby. Food is good taste and not many msg.

Dongpo Meat, Hangzhou dishes crafted stew with pork. Generally about a two Cunxu Founder shaped pork, half fat, half lean meat, imported fertilizer but not too sweet, with wine, very tasty.

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