Saturday, July 14, 2012

Security Model for Social Media and Mobile Devices

I would like to ignite industry leaders can ignite the public awareness of Security Model for Social Media and Mobile Devices.
Recent years there have been increase usage of social media and mobile devices. And there have been big increase in track records of cyber harassment, some are personal, systematic, organizational, commercial and COMMUNITY wise. Organizations take advantage and exploit features or loop holes of many web 2.0 features and mobile devices, for example systematically feeding emotional triggers, spreading hate, stalking (Monitoring) and integrating harassment.

While debating if we should use or ban social media, I think a better and more complete security model (architecture) should be implemented at different levels. I am aware there have been some features in social media application, but obviously this is not sufficient. I am not sure what exactly should be done. Industrial and social leaders should be responsible taking actions.

What I can think about now are.
- explicit use cases on explaining how cyber harassment and cyber bullying
- legal amendments such as anti Social Media Harassment Act
- features implemented the model (such as emotional triggers filter on feeds, granular security control) within social media and mobile applications.
-best practices, education and guidelines for user to protect themselves
- legal enforcement to address people and organizations to break the act
- health and technical support or resources to people who are vulnerable to attacks. - Integrate technical, health criminology knowledge in order to provide support.
- Monitoring, Governance and ethical enforcement on Social Media Service Provider Security
- Make people and organizations who attack visible to victims and public

Since I am a small potato, I am urging leaders who are more influential can lead this movement.

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