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fromKwok-Ming Yu
toeric tse ,

dateTue, Oct 13, 2009 at 5:32 PM
subjectRE: reference

To whom it may concern,

Subject: Reference information for Eric Tse

My name is Kwok-Ming, Yu and is a member of the Application Infrastructure Services of TransCanada Pipeline Limited. One of the services that my team support is Siteminder services providing authentication and authorization services to a large number of web applications servicing the whole corporation.

Last year, we have a project to upgrade our Sitminder infrastructure to the newest version of Siteminder and an external consultant company was hired to work with our team on the project.

Eric Tse was assigned by the consultant company to work with our team on the project for roughly about a year. During this time, Eric was a great help to our team and contribute a lot to the project and is an important member of the project team. Eric is a hard working and dedicated professional. He is focused and always get problem resolved. I must say that due to his expert knowledge in Siteminder that he is one of the important factors for the successful completion of the project. Besides Siteminder, Eric also has a wide range of experiences in various technologies including .NET, Java and web services to name a few.

Eric also gets along well with our team, with external product vendor (i.e. Computer Associate, CA) and with his colleagues. He is a team player and also works independently. Due to the tight project schedule and also the maturity level of the product, Eric had times of stressful situations to meet project timelines and resolve tough technical issues but he handled those situations professionally and meeting the project requirements most of the time.

If there is another new Siteminder project again in the future, I will definitely recommend Eric to the project manager of this new Siteminder project due to Eric’s expert level Siteminder knowledge. I also believe that Eric is a valuable resource for a lot of other IT works because of his professionalism and wide range of experiences in various technologies.

If you need more information regarding Eric, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Kwok-Ming, Yu

Middleware specialist, TCPL.

fromxiangqun_jian zhang_ru

dateTue, Oct 13, 2009 at 12:45 PM
subjectRE: reference

To Whom It May Concern:
Eric Tse worked as a contractor in Application Infrastructure System team of TransCanada Pipeline Inc about one year (2008-2009). Eric has very good personality to work with, easy going and hard working.

He has strong knowledge and skill sets. Also he has wide IS back grounds such Java, dot net, ldap and databases.

During the contract period, I am very happy to work with him.


Max Zhang

From: Phyllis Calvert (
Sent: October 13, 2009 7:36:36 PM

From March 2006, to Aug 2006, Eric Tse was a consultant working on Sun /Cingular IDM projects for Indigo Consulting.

Phyllis Calvert (on behalf of Rajeev, Phyllis is the administrative assistance of Rajeev)
Indigo Consulting
847 304 7800
Re: reference‏
From: Rajeev Parekh (

Sent: October 13, 2009 5:19:35 PM
To: Eric tse (; rajeev parekh (
Cc: (

Can you pls take care


Recommendations For Eric
Contracted Architect/specialist
“Eric was very experienced security software installer. He paid lots of attention to details and tackled many problems related to the installation and configuration. He assisted web developers to resolve many configuration problems in order to respond to the security software access scheme. He is also a good researcher for problems solving and hands-on scripter in several languages. He is very pleasant to deal with and communicate well with his peers.” November 18, 2009

Soheir Maklouf, Senior Support Analyst, IBM
managed Eric indirectly at TransCanada

“He demonstrated not only the sufficient skill sets to carry out the task, but also shows us the professionalism in his work attics and commitments to complete the task in time.” November 18, 2009

Chris Lee, IT Specialist - IS Acquisitions&Integrations, TransCanada Pipeline
worked with Eric at TransCanada

“Eric has been a valuable contributor to our web site at He has contributed a number of well researched and presented white papers that illustrate his extensive knowledge of the project management area. Thanks Eric.” November 17, 2009

Neville Turbit, Owner, Project Perfect
was with another company when working with Eric at TransCanada

“I recommend Eric as a well recommended professional in the Web Security Applications such as SiteMinder, with very good experience from large Canadian companies. He is a very good listener, very calm and compliant in executing the tasks assigned to him, with good training in self management and the leadership of others, who works well with independently and with others in delivering quality work. He is pursuing skills and seeking exposure to challenging technologies and projects.” November 17, 2009

Daniel Musat (PMP, ITIL, MSc), Project Management Coach, PMI-SOC
was with another company when working with Eric at TransCanada

Solution Architect
“Eric has always demonstrated a good understanding of web and identity management technology with sound knowledge of Computer Associates security products like Siteminder and Identity Manager. His overall attitude and ability to work as a member of the team earned him a lot of respect among his coworkers and clients.” November 19, 2009

Yuri Kopylovski, PhD, Consultant, Clarionics Inc.
worked directly with Eric at n8id

“Eric is a high level professional, subject matter expert in IT Security field, specifically in IDM/IAM area, hard and dedicated worker, team player, punctual on his deliverables, creative, consistent and reliable person” November 18, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Eugene Gaber
hired Eric as a IT Consultant in 2009

IDM architect/specialist
“Eric's extensive hands-on experience with CA products (SiteMinder, IdentityManager, eTrust LDAP...) as well as his work ethics and dedication were key factors in the timely delivery of the Enterprise Security Framework at Rogers.” November 18, 2009

Alin Ungurean, Application Architect, Rogers
worked with Eric at rogers

Access & Identity Management Specialist
Bell Canada Security Solutions
“Eric is one of the best colleagues I worked with in Bell Canada. I was impressed with his broad techinical background and passion for work. He always loved to help others. He is a good team worker. It's always a pleasure to work with him.” November 17, 2009

Ping Xiao, Analyst, Bell Canada
worked directly with Eric at Bell Canada Security Solutions

“During the Identity and Access Management engagement project work completed at Bell, Eric was a great resource and excellent team mate to work with. He diligently worked with SiteMinder and other security and middleware products, to complete the application integration and implementation work for Bell's lines of business, on time and on budget. Great development skills, which were put to good use during the project.” November 17, 2009

Stefan Lesaru, Security Architect, CA
worked directly with Eric at Bell Canada Security Solutions

Software Engineer
“Note that I cannot and do not speak for IBM or IBM Canada. I am writing this as an individual who happened to work with Eric. Eric was a diligent software developer. We worked together on a very ambitious software project and Eric could be counted on to put in the prodigious effort required by the project. His tenacity, devotion and programming skills were much appreciated.” November 17, 2009

Allan Kielstra, ' ', IBM Canada
managed Eric indirectly at IBM

Boston University - School of Management
“I met Eric as a student in the graduate level communication and leadership course, that I taught at BU. This was one of four courses required to get a certificate in Project Management. Eric was an excellent student. He was responsible and did high quality work. He was creative and adaptable with his projects. I and his fellow students learned from him and enjoyed having him and the insights he provided in class.” November 19, 2009

Star Dargin, Adjunct Professor and Facilitator, Boston University
taught Eric at Boston University - School of Management

“Eric is an enthusiatic and hard working student. His analysis is thorough and he contributes substantially to the learning experience for his fellow students throught discussions and group projects.” November 17, 2009

Dorothy Tiffany, Adjunct Faculty, Boston University, Metropolitan College & Extended Education
taught Eric at Boston University - School of Management

Tse and Tse Consulting -Security, Identity Management, Architect, Consulting

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