Wednesday, September 9, 2009

20090904 Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine

AGAIN .. in one week. This time grandfather treat.

food to try

- steam eel with soys beans ( it is good but my mom cook better, also the eel texture is good but I prefer the bouncy one)
- suckling pig two servings. (enough this time)
- Velvet crispy taro duck 融芋香酥鴨. (*****)
- 2 face yellow 二面黄 with better mellon and beef (****) (personally I recommend with sugar and red vinegar, chauchou style)

Velvet crispy taro duck
Joan Cantonese dishes. Take local raw materials preparation, cooking methods in Cantonese cooking methods with minor improvements based. Golden in color, Rong Yu Xiang and ducks in one flavor, crisp fried tender and taste excellent.

2 face yellow

Exactly the opposite with the fried noodles, noodle too rotten to be under more stress is soft or more.
Buy a pound in the rough, many times, more time, drain, in full bloom within the allowed to form a large pie plate.

Heat wok, put oil twice fried vegetables, oil should not Heat, slippery pot can be immediately put bread into the pot, the Huo Jian face, fried bread will be a turn about, (yes turn away not turn pot at a time when the noodles are not sticky pan) continues to fried noodles to yellow instead of coke, stand up Zaijian other side. Fried complete, will be interviewed by Sheng basin in a larger circle, the table, will be poured toppings to go, which makes the sound of a good can Chi Chi.

Such two yellow face features two side crispy and fragrant, which has soft and fresh.

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